Granted, Kheer Ganga is one of the most popular hikes in Parvati Valley so I wasn’t expecting pristine solitude. But even so, I was pretty shocked at the number of hikers displaying such blatant indifference

Himalayan glaciers are a focus of public and scientific debate. Prevailing uncertainties are of major concern because some projections of their future have serious implications for water resources. Most Himalayan glaciers are losing mass at

Mannebhanjan-Chitre-Tumling-Garibas-Sandakphu-Phallut-Gorkhe-Rammam-Srikhola-Sepe  (84 km approx.) This is a mountain trek and jungle walk all combined into one. The heights, at a maximum of 3636 m at Sandakphu is easy, the trails well populated with frequent tea

The advent of Spring infuses a rejuvenating essence in the temperate gradients of the Sikkim Himalayas. The 25km journey from Okhrey to Hilley by road represented an extravaganza of colours – the sloppy canvas being

Kheer Ganga is a serene meadow in the Parvati Valley situated at 2960 m where Shiva is said to have meditated for 3000 years. The hot springs at Kheerganga are extremely important for Hindu and Sikh pilgrims as well as many others

How to stay safe while mountain climbing Climbing to reach the top of a mountain can be a rewarding experience. Along with the thrills of climbing itself, mountain summits often offer sweeping views and uniquely

Altitude sickness describes several symptoms that happen to your body when you’re exposed to a higher elevation within a short period of time. Altitude sickness is common when people are traveling and either climbing or

What is acute mountain sickness? Hikers, skiers, and adventurers who travel to high altitudes can sometimes develop acute mountain sickness. Other names for this condition are altitude sickness or high altitude pulmonary edema. It typically occurs at

With it’s charming terrain, mountainous landscapes and an untainted atmosphere , Manali the hill town nestled within the mountains of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh blanketed in thick white snow is one of the

Working for corporate is fulfilling as long as you know how to maintain your Work-Life balance. Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.” It is similar to the French phrase, raison

Many hikers prefer to venture out in the milder months but there is something to be said for accepting the challenge of year round hiking. The winter months shouldn’t be out of bounds – so