Hiking poles are of great appeal to trekkers, day walkers and backpackers, though many do not know how to use them to their best advantage. Read on to learn how to use walking poles correctly. What are the benefits of using walking poles? There are several reasons to use walking poles when out walking or trekking. Walking poles help you

Rucksack  50 to 65 liter rucksack should give you ample space to carry all your kit. Remember you will have to carry everything you take! . Padlock This will help keep your gear safe on route to your destination. If you are staying in shared accommodation they will also give you some piece of mind! Travel Towel A travel towel is

1. Decide What to Take Try and limit yourself to the essentials. As a rule you should not exceed 15KG, the lighter the better! 2. Lay Out Your Kit Laying out everything you want to pack will help you decide what’s important and what can be left behind. 3. Organise Your Kit Into Groups Organisng will help you to separate

Granted, Kheer Ganga is one of the most popular hikes in Parvati Valley so I wasn’t expecting pristine solitude. But even so, I was pretty shocked at the number of hikers displaying such blatant indifference to how they were acting. What began as two people running down straight at me as I was ascending the same hill became a person

1. Your physical condition is of course relevant in terms of your hiking trip. You must choose the route according to whatever you’re able to manage. If you have any limitations owing to health problems, you must take this into account. Don’t embark on a hike without first having carried out appropriate training and make sure you plan the trip

Ravana is the most popular villain and Ramayana, the most believed in legend in India. In fact, for most people, Ramayana was real and so were all the characters including Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, Lord Hanuman and others. Regardless of whether it’s a mythical story or a narrative based on the happenings that actually took place, Ramayana does indeed convey