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October 2018

The Mountain of Gods 360 View of Mt. Deo Tibba (6001m) the dome looking highest peak behind the tent which is not the actual summit, climbing peak takes another 2 hours climb and below it is the huge Malana Glacier and to the left of the tent down beneath is the base camp. You can also see the famous Chhota Chandratal (a small crescent shaped glacial lake) which is a short hike from Base camp. This video was captured at a

Little did I imagine I would backpack to Malana and Magic valley during my 13 day Himachal trip. Moving in life without a plan. That’s the life lesson unplanned solo travel is adept at teaching us. There I was wandering the quaint little town of Jari in Himachal. Waiting for my friend Ashish from Himalayan Drifters to take me on one of the most interesting treks. The trek was special in many ways. 1. Less people – Unlike other trekking companies the group was a