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Exploring Malana and Magic Valley

Little did I imagine I would backpack to Malana and Magic valley during my 13 day Himachal trip.
Moving in life without a plan.
That’s the life lesson unplanned solo travel is adept at teaching us.
There I was wandering the quaint little town of Jari in Himachal. Waiting for my friend Ashish from Himalayan Drifters to take me on one of the most interesting treks.



The trek was special in many ways.
1. Less people – Unlike other trekking companies the group was a small one. Making it lot more engaging and agile.
2. Din’t had to bother about any trekking equipment as it was taken care off by the the company.
3. Malana village – Need I say more?
4. Magic valley – Haven’t heard much about it online. This place was a surprise. It has lot of beauty to offer. Luckily Ashish knew about this place and I was eager to backpack here.
There are 2 ways to reach Malana. One via Jari and other from NHPC power station dam. We chose the later as we were already late for the day. Enroute Malana has many scenic views.

The Himachal hues

Manala Naala

Once we reached the trek start point we had some tea and got started immediately. The trek from this point will take you 1 hour if you are an above average trekker. Most people do it in 90 mins.

Unlike before Malana has places within the town where you can eat. Small shops to buy snacks are scattered around the village. Even the rules are relaxed and the people are not as hostile as few other trekkers have mentioned it on their blogs.
We packed ParoNthas and went straight up to the other end of the village where we set up our tent for the night. It was a fun filled evening. We played music on my portable speaker and had a roll. We had local company to entertain us too.

Above Malana

Above Malana

The beauty of the view point from Malana village hides under the noise and controversy around this village. The peaks surrounding the village offer serene sunset and sunrise views.

Malana village from hill top

Atop Malana

Atop Malana

View from Malana camping point
Morning we trekked to Magic valley. Magic valley is a 3 hour trek from Malana. Since it was a short walk we took our own time and relished the beauty of the Parvati valley.

Magic valley as seen from half way
Magic Valley
You will hit a dam just before you enter the magic valley. The dam area is a nice place to hangout.

Our cute companion enroute Magic
We reached the base of magic valley and set up our tent by the stream. This is a fantastic area to camp. Water, fire wood and a flat surface to lie lazy in tent all day.

Camp on at Base of Magic Valley

Had a nice dal-chawal meal and resigned in to a silent night.
The next day we very reluctant to go back to Jari. The whole place was picturesque and the sun on our shoulders added to our laziness. We dragged our feet towards what turned out to be another scenic trek. We crossed the dam and walked by the road to reach the starting point of the trek again.
There he was spellbound by the beauty of Parvati valley

Stop, look and ponder
This was my first Himachal 2 day mini-trek. Not only did I have a wonderful time now I am more determined to do the Pin-Parvati pass trek now.
Signing off – Will be writing about my other Himachal adventures soon.

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I’m an climber / trekker and cartographer, who loves to Backpack in the Himalayas. Everything about it dazzles me – the vast open medows where I pitch my tent, the peaks, the people and the opportunities it gives me as an adventurer and as a human being. I climb mountains, run rivers, herd sheep with my Gaddi (shepherds in the Himalayas) friends in the high meadows of Himachal. Basically, wander across the Himalayas for most of the year.I’ve climbed couple of peaks across Himachal, Ladakh, Gharwal. I love to pack my rucksack and hit the trails to some remote valley, crossing high altitude passes, camping by the still waters of some high altitude lake, Discovering new peaks and trekking routes is something I really desire by heart.

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